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Troye Sivan's New Single "Rush" Startles the Straight Audience

by Victor Clark 14 Jul 2023

Troye Sivan's single "Rush

Australian singer-songwriter and LGBTQ+ icon, Troye Sivan's new single "Rush," is causing quite the stir, notably for its music video.

The moment the video for "Rush" starts, viewers might be forgiven for thinking they've stumbled onto a new release from adult film production company, Helix Studio. The video showcases a sensuous and provocative presentation of the body. A particular focus is given to the blushed, well-toned derriere, hinting at its repeated attention from a dominant figure - a power daddy, if you will.

The dance sequences are a captivating mix of strength, beauty, and uninhibited desire. Sivan's moves are provocatively fluid, expressing a raw and riveting enjoyment of his own body and his desires. This portrayal is a vivid and celebratory reflection of the LGBTQ+ community's exploration of their sexual identity, defying societal norms, and asserting their right to express their love and desire as freely as anyone else.

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However, the video has received criticism from some conservative viewers who deemed it corrupt and vulgar. Yet it's worth questioning if straight people haven't been expressing their desires just as openly for thousands of years, causing one to wonder if they haven't shattered their own morals over the same time frame. Such critiques expose a double standard often at play in society: straight people are often lenient with themselves while remaining harsh and critical towards the LGBTQ+ community.

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Sivan's "Rush" might be startling to some, but it is an important cultural contribution that seeks to shake things up and continue conversations around sexual identity and representation in the media. It underlines the fact that, no matter one's sexual orientation, we all have the right to express, explore, and enjoy our desires freely.

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